5 Reasons Why Customers Love The Scout Paddle Board

Posted on November 25, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

The 2019 Scout Inflatable Paddle Board 

The Scout is the first-ever inflatable SUP to sport a full-length traction pad, and customers are reaping the benefits from it. This one-of-a-kind feature not only allows paddlers to utilize their entire SUP from tail to nose, but it also makes the Scout ideal for paddling with your dogs, kids, and even practicing your yoga flow. With a range of capabilities, the Scout has become a fan favorite among dog lovers, families, and yogis alike. 

Below, we list the five reasons why customers are loving the new 2019 Scout inflatable paddle board. From its pet-friendly functionality to its built-in SUP yoga abilities, the Scout was designed to support your balanced lifestyle.

ISLE Scout

1. It’s The Best Dog-Friendly Paddle Board 

Paddle boarding with dogs has become extremely popular over the last year because it’s an amazing way to experience the outdoors and unwind with your furry friends. In fact, there hasn’t been a paddle board design that caters specifically to dogs until the Scout was released. Since its release, the Scout is undeniably the best paddle board for dogs in today’s market.

The Scout’s full-length traction pad allows your dog to feel stable and secure even when they decide to stand or sit near the nose of your stand up paddle board. This is important because most dogs favor riding near the nose on a SUP, an area that is typically hard to grip on a standard inflatable or epoxy paddle board. With the Scout, your dog can feel confident and enjoy riding near the nose without the worry of slipping off. 

Another perk about paddle boarding with dogs on the Scout is that it’s buoyant enough to float the weight of your largest dogs. The Scout can float large breed dogs thanks to its high volume and wide template. Of course, the Scout works wonders for your smaller dogs, easily floating 2-3 small dogs at one time. 

“I bought this board because of the full grip pad for paddling with my dog and it is excellent! My friend had her dog on her board yesterday and it just couldn’t find a good comfortable spot. Mowgly doesn’t have that problem, though. He’s plenty comfortable in this board. The board itself is sturdy with me and my 53 lb dog plus some extra gear.” –  Danielle C. 

ISLE Scout

2. It Doubles As A Yoga Paddle Board

When you’re not having fun with your dogs, the Scout is also an excellent paddle board for SUP yoga. At 10’6, the Scout’s full-length traction pad gives you more usable space than ever for your yoga flow or fitness routine. The Scout not only acts as a giant floating yoga mat, but it’s also wide enough to give you the extra stability you need for technical yoga maneuvers and other demanding fitness routines on the water. 

ISLE Scout

3. It’s Extremely Stable (Great For Beginners And First-Timers)

Even though the Scout specializes in niche SUP activities (dogs, kids, and yoga), its dimensions are ideal for first-timers who need a stable and easy-to-ride SUP. The Scout is considered a beginner paddle board because of its high volume and wide template. In fact, the Scout is probably one of the most stable and easy-to-ride SUPs in our entire paddle board lineup. If you’re looking for your first paddle board, and you want something you can grow with as your skills improve, the Scout is an all-around excellent option. 

“This board is even better than I expected. Aside from the fact that it is BEAUTIFUL, it is also easy to use for a beginner (like me!). All of the included accessories are great too. I can’t wait to get out on the water with it some more!” – Heather S.

ISLE Scout

4. It Can Be Used As A Relaxation Platform

Our customers never fail to get creative with ISLE stand up paddle boards. This summer, many customers took advantage of the Scout’s full-length traction pad and used it as a platform for leisure on the water. Many customers use the Scout to read, listen to music, or just put their head down and soak up the sun in the middle of a body of calm water.

ISLE Scout

5. It’s Super Durable 

The Scout is constructed with a super durable military-grade PVC making it strong enough to withstand heavy abuse. You can drop the Scout on the pavement as many times as you want and it will not show any signs of damage. Furthermore, we use drop-stitch technology, so when the Scout is inflated it’s rigid enough for optimal cruising and performance. Lastly, the Scout is six inches thick keeping you and additional passengers (dogs and kids) high and dry during your SUP adventures. 

Wrapping Up: 2019 Scout Inflatable Paddle Board

The Scout is one of our new 2019 inflatable SUP models that has taken off since its release. Its full-length traction pad is unique to the paddle board market and is arguably the best paddle board for dogs available right now. Not only can it efficiently ride your dogs and kids, but it’s a great alternative SUP for practicing yoga. No matter what you decide to do or how you want to unwind on the Scout, you will have loads of fun doing it.

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