20 Years of Striving for Better in Balance

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“Our mission is to inspire and equip for a life that's better in balance through adventure on the water.”

Better in Balance

In a world where finding balance is a challenge, ISLE is here to make it easier. We believe life is better in balance, and that finding balance can be as simple as taking your first paddle strokes or catching your first wave. Our mission is to inspire and equip for a life that's better in balance through adventure on the water.  Paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing and generally spending time in, on, and around the water offers the perfect balance between mind, body, and soul, creating cherished memories along the way. From the calm, peaceful solitude of the water, to the rejuvenation of physical movement, to the connection with nature and the simple joy of getting outside, each experience adds to a life well-lived.  Stand-up paddleboarding, in particular, is one of the most accessible, immediate, and direct paths to achieving a healthier, calmer, and more balanced life. We are dedicated to designing quality watersports equipment that brings you the joy of paddling, surfing, and recreating, to let you experience water in all its forms, and to help you channel nature’s energy beneath your feet. Come ride with us and share our passion for exploring the oceans and waterways of the world… because life truly is better in balance.

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What We Stand For

”Paddle with a Purpose” is more than just a fun, catchy phrase. For us, it's a commitment towards a greener future. As we reflect on what matters most to the ISLE community and the importance of protecting the waterways we play in, we're stepping up our efforts as a brand. On our 20th anniversary, we're proud to join 1% for the Planet, guaranteeing that 1% of our revenue goes back to the causes the ISLE community cares deeply about. Our goal is to be a microphone for the planet and help the ISLE community join us in this mission. Every step forward will be taken with an eco-conscious initiative in mind, from manufacturing our products to tangible give-backs with incredible organizations and doing our part to personally get outside to directly impact the planet positively. Here, our passion for sport, water, and more now directly becomes intertwined with our responsibility towards our planet. That means you too; each time you buy gear from ISLE, you have the opportunity to directly impact the organization of your choice that we’re affiliated with.

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