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Vicki Carson: SUP with Shrooms

Red Light District, Amsterdam

SUP with Shrooms

Instagram Handle: supcoronado

Location: Red Light District, Amsterdam


Circa 2009 I take my inflatable and paddle the red light district in Amsterdam. Some dudes offer me 50 Euro if thier friend can try it, but only if he falls. He does, they pay up, I paddle on. 5 years later I go back and visit a magic mushroom farm; the owners recognize me after I tell them I was the first one to SUP the Amsterdam canals. They have a video of it! So not only did I get 50 euro for what I’m claiming to be the first paddleboarder in the Amsterdam canals, I also unbeknownst to me made pals with the owners of a magic mushroom farm! The day I paddled I also ate some mushrooms and got lost and a house boat guy gave me a lift back to the center of town, otherwise I’d have missed my flight. I was way lost cause a few other powerboats let me tow behind them and I had no idea how far I was from where I started, too far to drive back!

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