This Is Why The Frontier Continues To Sell Out

Posted on December 4, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

There is no denying that the Frontier paddle board was a hot commodity in 2019. 

Moments after the Frontier was released in June, paddle boarders across the country fell in love with its hybrid shape, innovative design, and never-before-seen carbon fiber paddle. Since its release, the Frontier has been flying off the shelves and has become a customer favorite in and out of the water. But, how does a new model become a top-seller immediately after its release? Below, we list the five reasons why the Frontier is the hottest epoxy SUP right now.  

5 Reasons Why The Frontier Continuously Sells Out

1. Hybrid Shape 

ISLE Frontier epoxy SUP

Simply put, the Frontier is a combination of our two best selling epoxy models. Before the Frontier was released, we didn’t have an epoxy SUP model that effectively served multiples types of paddling. So, we took the speed of a touring shape and the versatility of an all-around shape to create a state-of-the-art paddle board that can do it all at a high level of performance.

The end result was the Frontier -- an epoxy stand up paddle board that thrives when paddle long distances, but is also stable enough to ride leisurely on your favorite lakes and beaches. The inspiration for this unique hybrid shape came from combining the stand-out features of the Voyager and the Glider

“Could not find a touring/all around hybrid that met my needs until this came out. This is my third and favorite board; smooth, quiet and fast. Lightweight and looks great.” - Jesse B.

The Frontier paddle board

2. Paulownia Wood Finish & Lightweight Construction

The Frontier’s paulownia wood finish is a trending and timeless look among paddle boards today. Not only will the Frontier look gorgeous on the water, but it will also look like a collector’s item stored on the wall in your garage. The Frontier’s polished wood grain alongside retro abstract lines will turn heads wherever you decide to adventure with it. 

The Frontier is constructed with a modern, lightweight EPS blank making this the lightest epoxy SUP in our lineup. Furthermore, the Frontier is finished with high-quality fiberglass, creating a more durable and longer-lasting SUP.

“My Frontier is made incredibly well (it looks like art!) from the bow to the stern.” -  Susan B.

ISLE Frontier SUP

3. Comes With A Never-Before-Seen Carbon Fiber Paddle 

This is our first-ever paddle board to come included with a custom carbon fiber paddle. Our in-house graphic designer went straight to the drawing board and came up with a design that is authentic to our brand but also pairs well with the Frontier’s streamlined design. 

The philosophy behind this custom paddle is simple -- we want you to look as stylish as possible on the water. Ultimately, the feedback on the Frontier’s carbon fiber paddle is so good that we created custom carbon fiber SUP paddles for our new 2019 Limited Edition Gliders

4. The Most Versatile Epoxy SUP

The versatility of the Frontier was important to us. Since the Frontier incorporates a unique hybrid shape, it excels in a wide variety of water conditions and paddle boarding styles for which most epoxy SUPs on the market cannot compete. For instance, the Frontier can effectively paddle long distances like a touring SUP, but it also excels in recreational paddle activities like SUP fishing, SUP yoga, and even SUP surfing. The Frontier is the newest generation of all-around epoxy paddle boards.

“I use the Frontier in small-medium ocean waves and on flatwater lakes/rivers. This board can do it all. It's fast, light, and just all around fun. I was primarily looking for a board that would make it easier to catch waves (upgrading from an old/used rental) and the Frontier has easily fit that requirement. I look like a pro getting into waves while other SUPers and Surfers are watching me cruise by. And for those days when the ocean is not cooperating, or I just don't feel like surfing, the Frontier does great on flat water - smooth, fast and tracks straight. If you're looking for an all-arounder, this is the board to get.” - Mary K.

ISLE Frontier

5. Quality For A Price You Can’t Beat 

Both sizes (10’2 & 11’2)  of the Frontier fall just under $1,000, which is below average for the cost of a high-quality epoxy paddle board in today’s SUP market. For a more affordable price, you get a SUP that’s made from high-quality materials, looks stylish, and also comes with every accessory you need to start paddle boarding. Also, free shipping is included with all ISLE paddle boards. 

“The Frontier’s quality compared to every other paddle boards I looked at in this price range excelled beyond the rest. I've been on it 4 times now and I absolutely love it. It's my new therapy. Thanks dudes.” - Frank W.

Wrapping Up: The Frontier

The Frontier is the new epoxy SUP on the block that has quickly become one of ISLE’s best-selling paddle board models. Its innovative shape, timeless design, and custom carbon fiber paddle make this SUP a must-have for the 2020 SUP season. Be aware that the Frontier constantly sells out, so stay on top of your game so you don’t miss out on the next batch!

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