The Importance of Paddle Board Bags

Posted on January 28, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

Stand up paddle board bags

You love your stand up paddle board.  You love it because it’s your fitness partner, surfing buddy, fishing companion, and may be one of the only ways you can truly relax. Essentially, your paddle board is a part of your family; therefore, you should want to protect it. There are many best practices to protecting your paddle board, but one of the easiest ways to protect your SUP is by getting a paddle board bag. There are a myriad of purposes for paddle board bags and they all have great intent in keeping your epoxy or inflatable paddle board in pristine shape. Paddle board bags

 3 reasons you need a stand up paddle board bag

1. The best way to transport your paddle board

Unless you live on a lake or beach, you typically must drive to your paddle board destination which requires time on the road. Some people strap their epoxy paddle board to their vehicle's roof while others transport it in the back of their truck or SUV. When traveling with your vehicle, your paddle board should always be in a paddle board bag just in case rocks, stones, or debris hit your board and chip your paint. In addition, the added padding of a SUP bag will help avoid potential damage from strapping your SUP to the roof rack of your car. For those taking their paddle boards on vacation with them, we have a lot of great information about flying with your paddle board. In this specific case, you 100% need a paddleboard bag for your epoxy or inflatable paddle board. Epoxy paddle boards are more vulnerable to damage, therefore, when flying with one it’s crucial that you pack your SUP bag diligently to protect it from potential damage if handled roughlyby airline employees. Also, keep in mind that each airline has different paddle board fees.  Airline board fees range from $50 to $150, so choose wisely. SUP bags

2. The best way to store your paddle board

Paddle board storage is inevitable. Whether you’re storing your SUP for the winter or just a few days during the warmer months, a paddle board bag will ensure that your paddle board stays safe while in storage. Here are a few reasons why a paddle board bag is great for storing your SUP:
  • All paddle board bags have extra padding which gives you peace of mind that if something were to fall on it in storage, no damage would occur
  • Bags keep your board super clean and help prevent dust build up
  • Bags prevent scratches on your paddle board’s rails
We have plenty of information about How to Store Your Board, and after reading about the importance of a standup paddle board bag, it will be clear that a paddle board bag is mandatory for helping your SUP live a long and healthy life. There are, however, a few tips and tricks you need to be aware of before storing your paddle board in a SUP bag. The most important thing to do before storing your paddle board in your SUP bag is to make sure it is clean and completely dried off. A wet board in a SUP bag will cause molding and a stinky smell that will be hard to get rid of. To prevent this, use warm water to spray off any sand, salt, and dirt; wipe your board down until it's completely dry, and leave the bag partially zipped in order for it to have some breathability. Stand up paddle board bags

3. The best way to protect your paddle board from the sun

 Paddle boarding on a sunny day is highly encouraged, but leaving your SUP on land exposed directly to the sun is not. If your paddle board is left in the sun for a long period of time it can cause your epoxy SUP to delaminate and make the colors fade. Leaving your inflatable SUP in the sun for a long period of time could potentially pop your board and fade its colors. To avoid this completely, get a paddle board bag.  A paddle board bag is the best solution for protecting your epoxy paddle board because it is constructed with heat-resistant materials and air vents to prevent heat damage. A UV paddle board sock is the best solution for protecting your inflatable paddle board from the sun. With a paddle board bag or SUP sock, you can hang out next to your board in the sun instead of leaving your board in the shade somewhere that may lack full visibility. Inflatable paddle board bag

ISLE Paddle Board Bags

Choosing a stand up paddle board bag

There are two types of board bags -- the all-around bag, which is the most popular type of board and has the rounded nose, and the touring bag, which has a pulled-in nose and a narrower shape. Most paddle board bags range from 9’8 to 12’, but some are much bigger for racing SUPs. Rule of thumb: Always buy a paddle board bag that is the same size or slightly longer than your board’s length. If your paddle board is 10’6", you should get a bag that is 10’6" or longer. Since SUP socks are stretchy, getting a sock that is the same size or slightly shorter than your board will work just fine. All ISLE Paddle Board Day Bags come standard with a carry strap, padded shoulder strap, Velcro fin slot, and internal stash pocket for any accessories. Epoxy paddle board bags

What to Know About Inflatables Paddle Board Bags

Inflatable SUP boards are the hottest new SUP on the block and allow everyone an equal opportunity to have a paddle board without the luxury of a garage for storage or a truck for transportation. Inflatables go up to 12’+ and when deflated, will roll up to a compact size, eliminating the headache of difficult transportation and storage. That being said, it’s still important to use a day bag for these boards as the same concepts of protecting it apply -- you will want to protect the condition of the board as well as have an easy way to travel with your board. Typically, inflatable SUP bags are like a backpack to make hiking and roaming much easier. Within this convenient travel bag, you can house the board, paddle, pump, fin, and leash neatly inside with some additional room for extra gear. Paddle board bags

Wrapping up

We can’t stress the importance of stand up paddle board bags enough. Most importantly, a paddle board bag will increase the life of your paddle board. A heavy duty SUP bag will protect your board when traveling, in storage, and during a hot summer scorcher. If you want your paddle board to last for years to come, a SUP bag is a definite must. How to store paddle board


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