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Surfing: The Hawaiian Tradition That Spread the Globe

Surfing is a timeless tradition that can be traced back to Polynesian culture in the 12th century. Popularized in Hawaii, it quickly became an iconic symbol of Hawaiian island lifestyle. Once discovered by the modern world, it rapidly diffused around the globe and could be found at any beach location with waves. Surfing is the embodiment of getting outside and enjoying mother nature. It's a perfect workout for the body and also an opportunity to clear the mind and soul.

Find the Perfect Surfboard with ISLE

At ISLE Surf & SUP, our passion to uphold and stay true to the rich cultural history of surfing is embodied in everything we do. Whether it’s our stand up paddle boards or the new surf lineup you see above, we strive to provide the best surfboards so that you can get out on the water and enjoy the waves. Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and types, each with their own distinct characteristics.That’s why it’s important to choose a surfboard that will best match your expectations. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend reading our Beginner’s Surfboard Guide to help you choose the perfect surfboard for you. Longboard Surfboards - Longboard surfboards are the ideal type of surfboard for a beginner. Wide and stable, these boards are very forgiving and perfect to learn on. Hybrid Surfboards - Hybrid surfboards are versatile and great for most conditions. As the name implies, they are the perfect middle ground between a longboard and a fish board. Soft Top Surfboards -- Also known as foam surfboards, these boards are extremely affordable, without sacrificing quality. Loved by all experience levels, soft top surfboards are a blast to ride. From beginner to advanced shapes, each surfboard model is built using the latest in modern surfboard design and construction techniques to give you a superior board at a great price. Browse our complete lineup of shapes to find the perfect fit for whatever type of surf you’re charging.

Start Surfing Today!

At ISLE, we are determined to get everyone out on the water but we want to make sure that you feel comfortable in doing so. To ensure you are happy with your surfboard, we offer fast shipping and a 60 Day Ride It Guarantee on all of our surfboards. Get out in the surf and start shredding!

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