Plan A Solo Trip With Your Paddle Board

Posted on February 18, 2022 by Reed Naliboff

We’ve got one big question we want you to ask yourself right now… ready? If you were in a room with all the things you’ve ever wanted to do, which would you say yes to first? That’s hard to answer for some, and super easy for others, either way, we’ve got a recommendation we think will work for every type of adventurer: a solo trip with your SUP.


A lot of us can agree: life gets busy. Between work, school, family, and other life responsibilities, the things we once put on our bucket list start looking a lot less shiny than they were at first. We don’t feel as adventurous as we used to, may feel like we’re stuck in an ordinary routine, and maybe we’ve lost touch with who we really are. The core of our mission has always been that life is better in balance, which means a mind that’s tended to, a body that yearns to move in new ways, and a soul that benefits from being carefree.


A study from Science Direct revealed that there are also countless mental health benefits to spending time outdoors, such as reduced levels of stress, and feeling less pressured by time. Whether it’s the guilt of asking for time off, or feeling like there’s some invisible clock telling us we’re too young or too old to do things, it’s time to say goodbye to a life that feels hurried.


Well, the first step in planning a solo trip is asking yourself: where to? You can spend countless hours scrolling through a location’s tag on Instagram, or you can finally take the plunge, pack up your inflatable paddle board, and set out to spend a day (or a few days) in a location that will reinvigorate your soul. There are plenty of National Parks with bodies of water that are paddle-board-friendly; you can find a list of them here, and our best recommendations here.


After you know where you’ll be headed to, let some loved ones know! We want you to be safe not only in planning your trip, but in traveling along the way too. If you’ve never paddled alone before, here are some things you should know first, such as what to pack and what to look out for beforehand! Remember: safe adventurers are happy adventurers.

Now, back to planning. After choosing a location, packing, and writing down all the details, you should be set to go. Whether you decide to spend your night(s) at a campsite, an AirBNB, or a glammed up yurt (we see you glampers), an iSUP is the perfect addition due to its portability. When deflated, you can roll up your inflatable paddle board like a sleeping bag, and pack it up in it’s travel bag—lightweight and durable for every trip on-the-go. We recommend the Pioneer, Explorer, or Scout for solo trips! If you need help choosing an inflatable paddle board, we’ve laid out a comprehensive guide to help.


We’ve got plenty! But in short, there’s a reason we use the word adventure so much. Whether it’s a calm paddle on the water, or a good SUP surfing sesh, adventure sits on the moments you decide to “yes” to trying new things and the extraordinary moments that wait for you beyond that “yes.” If you’ve always wanted to hike Half Dome in Yosemite, then go ahead and hike Half Dome! And afterwards, be sure to take a relaxing paddle in Yosemite’s waters. Want to take a road trip across the country? Do it! Forrest Gump did. He may be a fictional character, but he had no problem saying YES to the thing he aimed to do.


So don’t overthink it. Be safe. Be adventurous. And say yes to the things that bring you life and joy in immeasurable ways.


Need help choosing a paddle board? Start here!


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