Paddle Boarding with a Bengal Cat

Posted on October 12, 2017 by Doug Robichaud

Customer Spotlight: Paddling with J.D’s Bengal Cat

Meet J.D from Vernon, British Columbia. He paddle boards with his 10-month-old Bengal cat, Logan on the reg. When J.D isn't paddling with Logan, he is working at the hospital poking people with a needle (ICU nurse). His cat Logan doesn’t know that he is a cat yet, so don’t tell him. According to J.D, Logan is a dog trapped inside a cat’s body. They paddle board, hike, mountain bike, ride on motorcycles and love to chase birds and rats at their local park. Paddle Boarding Cat

Q1. When and why did you start paddle boarding?

A: A year ago, I started to do lots of hiking and exploring in my area. That's when I found out that I was living in a place surrounded by gorgeous lakes. I realized that I liked to explore the places that made me feel isolated and realized that many of these beautiful untouched places were only accessible by boat or kayak. This is when I began to surf the internet in search of a floating devices that was portable, and more importantly, affordable. I ended up discovering ISLE’s Inflatable Paddle Boards and ended up ordering one on the spot.

Q2. When did Logan start paddling and was it hard to teach him?

A: At first, I wanted to own a dog that I could on adventures. Unfortunately, I worked 12-hour work shifts and knew it would impossible to properly raise one. So, I decided to get a cat and treat him like a dog!! And guess what? It works out just fine. He's been paddle boarding since he was 5 months old. I never trained him, it just came naturally to him. Paddle Boarding Cat

Q3. Any advice for people paddling with cats?

A: My advice is to get your cat acquainted with going on outdoor adventures with you – hiking is a great start. Take them out with a leash first then when you think they’re ready, let them run free. Once they are used to being with you outdoors try paddle boarding with them. When paddle boarding, bring extra towels because sometimes they will jump. But don’t you worry they can swim way better than humans and I’m not kitten you on that.

Q4. Favorite place to go paddle boarding?

A: Our favorite local paddle board spot is Kalamalka Lake in British Columbia, but the best place that we ‘ve ever paddled is Johnson Lake in B.C.  We call it the Caribbean of the north because the water color is turquoise and the visibility is inane. This is where Logan and I filmed our video below. Logan The SUPing Cat from J.D on Vimeo.

Q5. What board do you have and why ISLE?

A: I own an Inflatable 12'6" Touring board from ISLE. I read a lot of great reviews about ISLE boards online. I was looking for a board that was durable and could handle rough rocks and trees at the lake. I have owned my board for a year now and have never had any issues! ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board  

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