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Masey Kalalau: PNW Paddle Pups

Cle Elum Lake in Cle Elum, WA

PNW Paddle Pups

Instagram Handle: maseykalalau

Location: Cle Elum Lake in Cle Elum, WA

Board: ISLE Sportsman


I’ve been hitting the water surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, whatever it may be, since I was six. I just always loved every emotion that came with a body of water. I really started finding my passion for paddle boarding in my late teen years when my uncle followed his dream, moved to Hawaii, and opened up a SUP & surf business. My visits consisted of living on a board. I had been wanting to get a paddle board of my own but just couldn’t find the right one.

Finally, I decided to just randomly buy one online. One week after that, I saw a litter of Great Dane puppies on Facebook. Without any hesitation, I returned my paddle board and used that money to bring home Oreo, our now almost 2-year-old 100lb Great Dane. Since then, I had been DYING to get a paddle board. Oreo was the best decision, but I still longed to have a board.

My day-to-day job is social media and marketing. That’s how I found ISLE. Not only is the branding of this company ON POINT, but the boards were EXACTLY what I had been looking for. I fell in love and wanted one so badly. On April 16, my birthday, I woke up to one and I cried. My husband, brother, and closest friends all went in on a board for me (probably so I would stop sending them snapchats of dogs on paddle boards every day). I had been reading how to get my dogs (plural because I added one to the crew) to paddle board, just hoping one day soon I would be getting one. Since getting the board, I worked with my dogs every day on paddle board training. Two weeks later, we experienced our first time on the water. I’ve never smiled so big or laughed so much. I was so proud of my dogs! Our next step is both dogs on it at once — thankfully, I am only 4’11” because together they weigh 172 lbs … but I can’t wait for us to adventure all over our home, the PNW.


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