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Kasie Cash: Cash on the Coast

Irondequoit Bay – Rochester, NY

Cash on the Coast

Instagram Handle: kasiecash

Location: Irondequoit Bay – Rochester, NY

Board: All Around


Hi, my name is Kasie! Kasie Cash, actually! I am an East Coast girl who grew up in Upstate New York. Even though we don’t get the best of weather for the majority of the year, my hometown of Rochester is actually where my SUP journey began.

In the summer of 2017, my best friend Bethany got her first board and took me out on the waters of Lake Ontario. I was hooked from the moment I stepped on the board. I am big into yoga and have fairly good balance because of it. I quickly found that paddling came very natural to me. It was easy enough for me to stand up and find my rhythm.

Every weekend it seemed like I was inquiring to see if Bethany was taking her board out and if I could join. My priorities even shifted as I was traveling. Anytime I went out of town (in a predominantly warmer climate) I looked up the best lakes in the area, and the first thing I did was rent a board and ride. The following year, Bethany purchased a second board and I was finally able to ride solo more consistently. It was even better than I imagined. I was now more determined than ever to invest in my own board.

For Christmas 2018, I took my annual holiday bonus and purchased my first iSUP from ISLE Surf & SUP! I ripped open the box, unrolled the board, and just stood on the padding in the middle of my living room floor. The feeling I felt beneath my feet could only be described as “quality.” I’ve stood on many boards and this was the first time I ever truly said, “Wow.”

Despite my excitement, I knew I had to wait six long months until we were finally able to get some decent weather around here. However, Memorial Day Weekend did not disappoint! Although the water was still cold and the waves were a little choppy, nothing was going to keep me from officially dipping my board into the water. I went out to Irondequoit Bay with my best friend and felt the most at peace.

The more I am on my SUP, the more I find that in the water is where my happiness begins. I am already a yoga instructor but I have plans to further that instruction by getting certified in SUP yoga! It is the ultimate combination of my two passions. I cannot think of a better company to go on all my future incredible journeys with than ISLE Surf & SUP! The northeast may not be as highly recognized as some areas, but we are here, and I am going to continue to spread the word. From beginner to pro, we do it all for the love of the paddle!

  • Pro Tips:
  • Tip #1: Have fun, glide safely! Remember SUPs are now considered vessels and you’re required to wear a PFD, Type III at all times. Check out Isle’s MTI Fluid 2.0 Inflatable Belt Pack Life Jacket!
  • Tip #2: Paddle smarter not harder! Save your strength for the water and check out Isle’s 12V Electric Pump to inflate your board!
  • Tip #3: What goes SUP, must come down! What better way to enjoy those beautiful sunsets than by looking though/projecting your eyes with Isle’s Polarized Sunglasses!

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