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Jared ViltJared Vilt: ISLE was meant to be…

Belmont Shore in Long Beach, CA

ISLE was meant to be…

Instagram Handle: 1983dirty40

Location: Belmont Shore in Long Beach, CA

Board: Explorer


After learning about SUP from my Girlfriend Liz, and then trying it out on vacation in Hawaii.. I knew I needed to skip the rental phase and become an owner. The search for the perfect SUP to fit our mission began.

1st thing we wanted was something to travel with and 2nd was quality. Something to throw in the back of the Cessna or the back of the car. Inflatable was a must and obvious choice. Now we just needed to find which brand.

Living on the water in Long Beach this was supposed to be an easy task. After about a dozen failed wanting to buy locally, we knew there had to be SOMEWHERE that had more than one selection and something on the “shelf “ to walk out the door with. Our mission ended at Isle!

As our SUP journey begins, the search for a quality , good looking and affordable SUP has ended and Isle has surpassed our expectations and look forward to being life long customers.


  • Check out Isle’s reviews
  • Go to Isle’s store front if you’re local. (worth the drive from LB)
  • Check out the inflatables if you like to travel

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