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Janet Jones: Even if you’re all paws you can SUP on a Scout!

Boardman Lake, Traverse City, Michigan

Even if you’re all paws you can SUP on a Scout!

Location: Boardman Lake, Traverse City, Michigan

Board: Scout


When I moved to Michigan’s Lower Peninsula I had one goal in mind: to SUP with my wild ass golden retriever, Shorty. I did my research: an inflatable that was broad and long was the way to go. My research came complete with detailed instructions on how to introduce your dog to the sport. They went like this: Step 1 – put the board on the floor and use treats to get your dog onto it. Step 2 – gently rock the board while the dog is sitting on it on the floor. Step 3 – place the board on sawhorses a least a foot off the ground and assist your dog onto it – gently rock from side to side. Lather, rinse, repeat. Here’s how Shorty’s training went: the board, still in its shipping carton, sat in my garage for over a week and he sniffed it a couple times. The next week I took it out of the box, walked across the street to the lake and inflated it. I put the board in the water pointed to the mid-section and said, “Up!” He jumped up immediately sticking the landing like an Olympic gymnast. Zero learning curve! This photo was taken approximately two minutes into him losing his SUP virginity.

Now about this board: the Scout model is as broad and stable as a tanker. It’s definitely built for comfort not speed. The bungee cords for holding your gear are at the tail which makes for a ton of real estate for your dogs or kids to move around. Did I mention the board is stable? Because Shorty has walked the nose, done donuts, and hung his big old head and mitts over the side batting for fish – the board did not even hiccup, think of a bike with super good training wheels. And buoyant, too – other than getting our feet wet during the launch and dismount, one could probably SUP in formal wear with no fear of getting wet.

The board comes with everything you need in its own behemoth backpack – truly SUP 101 – there is absolutely NO way you can screw up. Isle delivered quickly at tremendous value. We’ve been out several times now and it just keeps getting better. On the water with your best buddy and no cell phone. Pure time. Pure Michigan.

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