ISLE Surfboard Product Guide For 2019

Posted on August 9, 2019 by Jeff Hale

The Latest Surfboards From ISLE

When ISLE Surf & SUP started selling boards in 2004, the company’s focus was on surfing. We’ve expanded into an industry-leading SUP company over the last 15 years, but we've never lost sight of our roots. For 2019, we’re stoked to offer a full line of surfboards. Each one is perfectly suited for the seemingly endless variety of waves in our hometown of San Diego and beyond. We’ve even had the fortune of testing the new ISLE surfboard lineup at some of our favorite international surf breaks across Australia, Baja California, Costa Rica, and Indonesia. 

Our approach to surfboards is the same as it’s ever been. We build boards we love to ride, and we do it well because we live to surf. Whether you’re an old-school toes on the nose glider, a modern backside air master, or just starting to get stoked on the sport, we’ve got the perfect surfboard for you in stock.

ISLE classic longboard product guide

Classic Longboard -- 9’4, 9’8

Our Classic Longboard is an ode to the roots of California surfing. It blends contemporary ISLE surfboard construction with a tried-and-true noseriding design that’s perfect for anyone who wants to experience the nostalgic feeling of surfing’s golden era. 

We’ve designed the Classic Longboard with a wide and thick outline for ideal stability for surfers of all skill levels. For experienced surfers, the board’s wide nose paired with a deep front concave offers tons of lift. You'll have no trouble gliding across the face of a wave with your toes on the nose. The Classic’s relatively flat nose-to-tail rocker generates tons of speed to carry you through any flat sections, while the board’s 50/50 rails and large tail with a touch of V out the back keep your ride loose for sweeping bottom turns. Each Classic features 6+6 oz. deck glassing with a 4 oz. deck patch, single 8 oz. on the bottom, and a ¼” stringer.

If you’re a style-first surfer looking to maximize your fun in the water, the Classic Longboard is your ticket.

isle mini-longboard product guide

Mini-Longboard -- 7’6, 8’0, 8’6

The Mini-Longboard is arguably the most versatile and fun board in the 2019 lineup. It bridges the gap between a traditional funboard and a longboard, incorporating the best design elements of each type of surfboard.

We designed the Mini-Longboard with a flat rocker through the nose and center of the board with an increased curve through the tail section -- this makes it turn on a dime when your back foot is positioned above the fins, especially with the additional Futures F8 side fins installed. Pop up near the center of the board for insane speed and pumping potential on steep waves, or cross-step all the way up to the nose for a little hang ten time on fatter waves.

The Mini-Longboard is the ideal step-down for longboarders looking to greatly increase maneuverability without losing too much paddle power, shortboarders who want the benefits of a longboard without sacrificing the responsiveness of a smaller thruster, or beginner-intermediate surfers looking to buy their first rigid surfboard.

ISLE big guy fish product guide

Big Guy Fish -- 6’6, 6’10, 7’2

The Big Guy Fish is a high-performance shortboard in a volume-friendly package for bigger surfers and weekend warriors who still want to shred the face of a wave. It checks all the boxes for today’s "one-board quiver" requirements, making it an easy choice to bring to nearly any beach during any swell.

The Big Guy Fish is our attempt at helping surfers catch more waves, make more sections, and have more fun. And we’re extremely proud of the feedback we’ve been getting. Its full nose and outline let us hide a lot of foam throughout the board, providing insane paddle power and speed. It features a fair amount of tail rocker along with a single-to-double concave that makes rail-to-rail transitions seem instantaneous. The wide swallow tail paired with a set of Futures quad-fins feels loose and playful in small surf. But this board can also hold its line extremely well in larger and more powerful waves. 

It’s a versatile all-around board that will help weekend warriors return to the glory days of high-performance surfing. For lightweight and beginner surfers who aren’t attracted to longer boards, the Big Guy Fish is the perfect alternative to a funboard when the swell dies down.

ISLE Thumper product guide

Thumper -- 5’10

The Thumper soft top is a quad-fin ISLE surfboard that puts smiles on faces. At 20” wide and 2.6” thick with 43L of volume, this is a wave-hungry machine that paddles with a purpose. 

isle soft top surfboards

The Thumper was constructed to make people question what they think they know about soft top surfboards. We started with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core with two parallel stringers coated in fiberglass for an optimal flex pattern. We covered the deck in a layer of irradiation cross-linked polyethylene foam that has just the right compression resistance to match the flex of our stringers. For the bottom, we selected a durable layer of high-density polyethylene that glides across the water smoothly and holds its rocker shape under pressure. All the layers of the Thumper are heat-bonded to create a highly-durable soft top surfboard. The end result feels nothing like a tired surf school soft top.

This board’s large swallow tail and FCS-compatible quad-fin setup keep the board feeling loose and fun in smaller surf. But it still has enough bite to keep your turning radius tight when surfing real waves.

isle nugget product guide

Nugget -- 4’11

Our tiny but mighty Nugget is not your surf school soft top. But don’t let its small stature fool you either; this soft top shred machine clocks in at 21” wide and 2.5” thick with 34L of volume. 

We designed the Nugget with one word in mind: fun. It’s a high-performance twin-fin that can take a beating without losing its magic. The wide center outline and ample volume throughout offer surprising paddle power for a board that’s under five feet. The extra-wide squash tail and FCS-compatible fin boxes offer a loose, almost skateboard-like feel. The Nugget’s generous rocker profile feels right at home in the most critical section of a wave. Our dual-stringer EPS construction and high-density polyethylene bottom create a firm rail that’s able to hold its line once you’ve committed.

From Pipeline to Lower Trestles and the Wedge, the soft top surfboard revolution has reached critical mass. Dedicate your time in the water to having fun with a soft top Nugget.


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