How To Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board

Posted on January 20, 2022 by Reed Naliboff

For every adventurer, there’s a board for every skill level, and every water condition. In this in-depth guide, we’ll be focusing on inflatable paddle boards (also called an iSUP) and we’ll be covering: the benefits of choosing an iSUP over a hard board, the differences between all of our inflatable boards, and some frequently asked questions!



The first question to ask when choosing a board is: do I want an inflatable paddle board or a hard board (also called an epoxy SUP)? The top five contributing factors we like to look at are: portability, storage space, durability, performance, and cost.


Inflatables are the easiest type of paddle board to transport, and you don’t need a large truck, SUV, or van, because when deflated, inflatables roll up like a sleeping bag, and fit in a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. For those wanting a board that doesn’t take up much space in your homes, iSUPs are great for taking up minimal space. As for durability, iSUPs don’t get damaged easily, so you don’t have to worry about scratches, or dropping your iSUP by accident.


When it comes to performance, iSUPs provide great quality use. However, our hard boards perform great in regard to speed and precision because they aren’t as thick as our iSUPs, so for those looking to do activities such as SUP surfing, SUP racing, and long-distance paddling, our epoxy SUPs are a great choice. Nonetheless, when it comes to cost, iSUPs are much more affordable, and are a great long-term investment.






The Pioneer is our best-selling stand up paddle board! Stable, lightweight, and extremely durable, this SUP is built for a wide range of activities and skill levels. We recommend this board for beginners because of its all-around versatile nature, and it’s extra-wide build for added balance. Feel free to take a casual paddle, try SUP yoga, SUP fishing, or bring your pup along for the ride on this iSUP.


This board is 10’6″ and has a capacity of 285 LBS. Available in blue, coral, or green.


For An In-Depth Video Of The Pioneer Click Here



The Explorer is our highest performing inflatable paddle board. We made this board with the adventurous paddler in mind, implementing a high-construction build that has a touring shape for a faster paddle, and extra bungees for all your gear. The pointed nose on this board effortlessly cuts through headwind, providing a narrow build with its added length. Portable, durable, and functional, the Explorer will carry you and your gear on any body of water, near and far.


This board is 11’6″ and has a capacity of 300 LBS. Available in blue or green.


For An In-Depth Video Of The Explorer Click Here



The Scout is soft, wide, and has a full-length traction pad. Offering 11 feet in length and 33 inches in width, its optimal surface area offers the perfect space for activities such as yoga or bringing another passenger along!


This board is 11’0″ and has a capacity of 315 LBS. Available in blue or coral.


For An In-Depth Video Of The Scout Click Here



The Megalodon is our multi-person stand up paddle board, and the largest SUP in our collection! It can fit you, your friends, family, dogs, and gear—potentially at the same time. The 12’0″ can fit anywhere from 2-4 people (ideal for two) and the 15’0″ can fit 2-6 people (ideal for 4).


This board comes in a 12’0″ size (650 LBS capacity) or 15’0″ (1050 LBS capacity). Available in blue.


For An In-Depth Video Of The Megalodon Click Here




What If I Still Can’t Decide?


If you still need help deciding which board to choose for yourself, or your loved ones, feel free to take our board finder quiz.


What Comes With Each iSUP?


Each iSUP comes with an accessory kit that includes a: fin, leash, manual pump, carrying bag, paddle, and iSUP repair kit.


The Megalodon, however, does not come with a carrying bag because of its size. We do carry a specialized Rolling Travel Bag for this iSUP that can be purchased separately. This bag comes in two different sizes, designed specifically for the 12′ and 15′ Megalodon. It is large enough to fit the board and all of its accessories to make transporting to and from the water a breeze.


As a note, the Megalodon only comes with two paddles, a fin, and a pump. This board does not come with a leash, as we do not recommend it for this board due to its size.


How Long Does It Take To Inflate An iSUP?


An iSUP takes about 5-10 minutes to inflate with the manual pump, or you can purchase an electric pump separately, which you can plug into the 12V adapter in your car to make inflating your board a breeze!


What Are These Made Of? Are They Durable?


Yes, our inflatable paddle boards are very durable! They are constructed with a dual layer, military grade, drop stitch construction that provides excellent rigidity and performance for all-around use. The boards all have drop stitch construction from nose to tail to ensure maximum rigidity when inflated. For a more rigid material, check out our hard board collection.


What Are The Advantages Of An Inflatable Over A Hard Board?


The top benefits of choosing an iSUP over a hard board comes down to transportation and storage. Being able to inflate and deflate your iSUP means you don’t need a specific type of car or accessory to be able to move your board to and fro.


How Can I Clean My Board?


After each use, it is best to rinse your paddle board off with fresh water to remove any dirt, debris, or residue. If there is dirt that cannot be rinsed away, a mild dish soap or cleaner can be used. We recommend using one that does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach to ensure no damage is done to the board while cleaning.


Is The Fin Universal Or Unique To These Boards?


The center fin is a standard center fin box, compatible with any standard center fin so you can change it out as needed for a shorter or longer one.


For more frequently asked questions, feel free to see our FAQ page.


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