A Guide to Inflatable SUP Pumps

Posted on May 16, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

Guide to Inflatable Electric SUP Pumps

Are you looking for an inflatable SUP pump and ready to graduate to an electric one? We know, hand pumping an inflatable paddle board gets old over time. If you want to get out on the water quickly and efficiently, you’ll appreciate the convenience of an electric pump. An electric pump will inflate your paddle board for you within minutes. All you have to do is push a button and the pump will do all the work for you. Sounds nice, right? Below, we discuss the best inflatable SUP electric pumps on the market. Inflatable Paddle Board Electric Pump

The advantages of using an electric pump

The biggest advantage of using an electric pump is to save time. If you use your inflatable SUP board frequently, the extra minutes and energy it takes you to hand pump will add up. An electric pump can make a difference of being in the water within minutes versus a half hour or more.

Best Inflatable SUP Electric Pumps

The best inflatable electric SUP pumps will have enough power to inflate your paddle board to its suggested PSI (13-17 PSI) in 5- 10 minutes. In addition, the best electric pumps will offer multiple power sources for hook up and other bells & whistles to enhance your pumping experience. ISLE 12V Electric Pump

12V Electric Pump

The ISLE 12V Electric Pump is the best and most affordable electric pump on the market. This electric pump is equipped with a two-stage turbine, inflating your paddle board in under five minutes and has a max pressure of a whopping 20 PSI. There are two ways you can hook up the 12V Electric Pump to your car. 1) Your car’s cigarette lighter. 2) Your car battery. The cigarette lighter is the easiest option, but some car’s do not have this option leaving you to hook it up to your car battery with cables provided in the box. The 12V Electric Pump has a digital pressure selector to choose the exact PSI you want your inflatable SUP pumped up to. As the 12V Electric Pump inflates your paddle board, the digital screen on the pump will show exactly what PSI your board is at until it reaches the PSI you have chosen. This is a great feature to be able to gauge the progress of your board being pumped up. Once your pump reaches the PSI you have chosen, it will automatically turn off. This is another useful feature because this will show you that your board is ready to go and avoids over inflating your board. This inflatable SUP pump is compatible with all Halkey-Roberts and Bravo valves which means this pump can be used on just about any inflatable SUP available on the market. However, if your inflatable SUP does not have these valves, the 12V Electric Pump comes with five universal adapters to fit your SUP. Features:
  • Digital pressure selector
  • Two stage turbine for under 10 minute inflation
  • Cigarette lighter adapter included
  • Overheat protection
  • Max pressure: 20 PSI

BP20 Electric Pump

The BP20 Electric Pump is different than most electric pumps on the market because it has a built-in rechargeable battery. This means you do not have to plug the BP20 into a  power source for it to work. This gives you the freedom to inflate your paddle board anywhere you please, without the hassle of hooking it up to a power source. The BP20 is also robust enough to inflate your SUP in five minutes. The BP20’s built-in battery can be recharged through your car’s cigarette plug or any standard 12V wall outlet. The battery can hold enough charge to inflate your SUP up to three times. A perk about this electric pump is that it comes with a carrying bag that fits everything snugly inside. Similar to the 12V Electric Pump, the BP20 also is compatible with all Halkey-Roberts and Bravo valves. If your inflatable SUP does not have either of these, the BP20 also comes with several adapters that will surely fit your SUP. Features:
  • Analog pressure selector
  • Comes with multiple valve attachments for other inflatable accessories
  • Carrying bag included
  • Overheat protection
  • The battery will pump 2-3 iSUPs to suggested psi (12psi) before the battery needs recharging
  • Max pressure: 15 PSI

Which electric pump is right for you?

The 12V Electric Pump is right for you if you’re on a budget and don’t mind inflating your paddle board next to your car every time you want to paddle. The BP20 Electric Pump is right for you if you have a little more cash and want the convenience of being able to pump up your inflatable from anywhere you please. ISLE Electric Pumps

FAQ: Inflatable SUP Electric Pumps

How long does it take an electric pump to inflate a paddle board?

The time it takes to inflate your paddle board with an electric pump will vary depending on the model and size paddle board you own. Inflating the ISLE Megalodon will take longer than inflated the ISLE Explorer because the Megalodon is much bigger in size. Ultimately, most electric pumps will inflate your paddle board within the 5 to 10 minute window.

If I over inflate, will my SUP be damaged?

It is very hard to over inflate your paddle board with an electric pump. You would have to intentionally try super hard to force enough air into your paddle board to damage it. Most electric pumps feature a PSI gauge to keep track of the PSI your SUP is currently at. In addition, electric pumps allow you to set the desired PSI on the gauge to avoid over inflation. Safety issues and SUP damage will only occur only at a PSI greater than any electric pump can deliver.

What PSI should I inflate my board to?

To determine your inflatable paddle board’s suggested PSI, please read your SUP’s instruction manual because PSIs can vary. ISLE paddle boards have a suggested PSI of 13-17 PSI. We give you range because you might like your SUP a little more rigid for long-distance paddles or racing. Generally, most inflatable SUP board manufacturers recommend between around 15 PSI. Related: How to Properly Deflate/Inflate Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Wrapping Up

Many inflatable paddle board owners are upgrading from a hand pump to an electric pump because it saves them time and energy. The 12V Electric Pump and the BP20 Electric Pump are the best electric pumps for inflatable paddle boards on the market today. These electric pumps have all the necessary features to make your inflating experience simple and quick to get you out there sooner for the ultimate water sport!


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