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Frietz: Paddling On A Sea Of Glass

The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Paddling On A Sea Of Glass

Instagram Handle: frietzphoto

Location: The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Board: 11′ Explorer


Utah is largely known for its national parks, which are mostly located in the southern end of the state, however, there isn’t much to paddle in the desert red rock. The vast majority of lakes and rivers are located in the north, with none more picturesque then the Great Salt Lake.

The Salt Lake is vast; it expands for miles, and to be honest, I have only explored a small fraction of it. However, the area that I did explore was a slice of paradise. On the western side, near the town of Tooele, myself and a few friends took a long and bumpy dirt road out to a remote section of the lake. This was my second time at this particular area. I remember the time before, gazing out across the endless reflections, I thought this is where a paddle board belongs.

When we arrived, I pulled out my board and started pumping. Occasional breezes rolled by disrupting the reflections, but even with the ripples, we weren’t disappointed.

We made a day out of the trip, brought a grill for food, and enjoyed the solitude. We maybe saw one car drive by. As sunset neared and golden hour started, we took the board out again and that’s when the real magic started. The winds calmed while the sky and mountains reflected perfectly across the lake. The orange glow spread like a fire across the water; it was magical. I had my drone, which you can see shots of in the gallery below, and from an aerial view the lake produced an incredible light show.

If you do head out there, feel free to explore the area. Find a good spot and have an awesome time!


Check the weather before going.

Make sure rain is not in the forecast

If using an inflatable, be sure to inflate to the recommended amount and fasten the fin otherwise paddling will be harder.

You don’ t need high clearance, but it is a bumpy dirt road.

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