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Cindy Lee: Mom and Daughter Time

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Mom and Daughter Time

Location: Jacksonville Beach, FL

Board: Lotus


I’m a single mom with five kids. It’s been the six of us for about ten years now. As they have become teens and young adults, I have struggled to find things we can do together to enjoy this time. The time is so short! People always told me that but know I really feel it.

I’ve been saving up to buy a paddle board for a couple of years ever since I caught the bug for SUP yoga. I tried a number of boards including hard and inflatable. A friend in one of my classes let me borrow her ISLE Lotus inflatable, and I loved it! So I’ve been looking at them for the past eight months or so.

This Valentine’s Day, I decided to go ahead and purchase two boards. As an old lifeguard, I feel like one should always have a buddy on the water. There was a great Valentine’s Day special. So I did it! I got two lotus boards and I’m so happy I did.

Here are some pics from my last beach outing with my daughter in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It was a beautiful morning with a small surf and about 80-degree weather. The tide was low and we were able to do a lot of things on the boards. The best was just spending the time together.


  • Go early
  • Check the surf and winds
  • Get a really good dry bag

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