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Chris Dunn: Canopy of Spanish Moss at Houston Lake

Perry, GA

Canopy of Spanish Moss at Houston Lake

Instagram Handle: dunnonsite

Location: Perry, GA

Board: ISLE Explorer & ISLE All Around


If your looking for a hidden gem of Houston county, I have found it for you slap in the middle of Houston Lake in Perry, Ga. Houston Lake is located approximately 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Warner Robins in central Houston County on Mossy Creek. This Lake is about two miles wide and with moss and lily pads located in the center of the lake — this is where you will find this hidden touch of paradise. You can access this spot from the boat dock and parking area.

I have taken many friends out to my special spot which is about a 30-45 min paddle to access. Once arriving you’ll notice there’s plenty of photo-worthy spots just before you enter into the canopy of trees. And f you’re into Geocaching, I have a special cache just for you!

Now looking for a bit of adventure, I suggest your try to access this spot from the Lake Joy Rd. at Lake Joy. I have learned it’s best to drop off the boards at the bridge over the guardrail and park your vehicle across the street at the boat docking area. This area might scare some first timers, but once on the waters you will feel at peace with the instance surrounding of nature for the next 1,000 feet of water until it opens backup to Houston Lake.

Pro Tip:

It’s best to park at Lake Joy fishing area and walk across to Mossy Creek that leads into the back of Houston Lake.

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