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Carron Miller: Paddling Amongst Wild Horses

Salt River, AZ

Paddling Amongst Wild Horses

Instagram Handle: oneandonlycarron

Location: Salt River, AZ

Board: ISLE All Around


First time for Zina!

I finally got to take my pal Zina out on the Salt River, just outside of Phoenix, to witness the beautiful wild horses on a SUP. It was a hot but gorgeous day and the horses were out in full force. You see, we can paddle year-round here in Phoenix, but the river season will end soon as the flow will be lowered to a trickle over the winter months. Sharing the river with these majestic creatures is such a treat and watching them run free in their natural habitat never gets old.


  • Always wear your PFD
  • Keep a safe distance from the horses (50 ft. minimum)
  • Wear sunscreen and bring water

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