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Anthony Andra: Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam in Lake Powell, AZ

Glen Canyon Dam

Location: Glen Canyon Dam in Lake Powell, AZ

Board: 10’10 Gliders


I promised my Daughter Kayla that I would take her paddle boarding from the Glen Canyon dam below Lake Powell to Lee’s Ferry. The night before out trip our boat guide called and said the wind advisory was really bad and advised that he would need to cancel the trip. I used to live in Maui and told the guide that I was used to wind and we would be fine. He then told us “no one will come and get you guys if the wind gets Knarly!” I again informed him that we knew what we were doing. We got to the river around 8 a.m. and were dropped off below the damn an hour later. It’s a 15-mile trip back to Lee’s Ferry and the water is 45 degrees. We stopped below Horse Shoe Bend for lunch which is half way and checked out the Indian drawings. It was an amazing trip up until after lunch. The wind picked up just like the guide had warned and waves were actually coming up river! I was knocked off my board at one point and lost my water. We were stuck on the side of the bank for a good two hours before I tied her board to mine, put Kayla on the front laying down, and I kneeled down as low as I could and paddled as hard as possible. The normal trip usually takes between 4-6 hours, we finally made it in 8 hours and I was drinking the river water which was not the best idea, but we made it as a fisherman was loading his boat. I begged him for water, drank it, got in my truck, and my lovely daughter said, “Man dad that was an adventure I will never forget!” Can’t wait to do it again! lol We have another trip planned for this September. I have done it before with my wife and it is honestly one of the coolest paddles I have ever done MINUS the wind!!


1. Don’t go if the guide tells you to cancel due to wind.

2. September is the best as most of the tourists are gone.

3. Take lots of water, snacks, and a good camera — it is stunning.

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