5 Reasons Why The Explorer Is Our Best-Selling Paddle Board

Posted on November 18, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

The Most Popular Inflatable SUP

There is no doubt that the Explorer is the most popular SUP in our inflatable paddle board collection. Since the first version was released in 2015, it's become one of the most highly-rated iSUPs on the market. This year, the Explorer’s impeccable legacy continued to evolve with the release of the all-new 2019 edition. In fact, this new and improved model has received the most praise from paddlers across the nation. 

Below, we list the five reasons why the Explorer is the best-selling SUP in our entire stand up paddle board collection. Discover why the Explorer has continuously won over customer’s hearts since 2015. 

ISLE explorer

1. Ultimate Versatility

The Explorer is hands-down the most versatile inflatable paddle board in our lineup. This inflatable SUP can be used for long-distance expeditions, leisure cruises, SUP fishing, and SUP yoga. It’s even great for paddling with your dogs and an additional passenger! Since the Explorer has a pointed nose, it can efficiently handle everything from the calmest lakes to the most technical rivers. In fact, the Explorer is the best inflatable SUP for rivers and ocean paddling because its extra length and streamlined nose cut through river rapids and ocean chop easily.

2. Stylish & Sleek Design 

Over the years, the Explorer’s design has evolved with today’s top trends and styles in fashion. In fact, the new 2019 Explorer was designed using handpicked color palettes and tropical vibe screen prints created by our in-house graphic design team in San Diego. Thanks to our graphic design team’s personal touches, the Explorer is now more vibrant and unique than ever.

ISLE Explorer iSUP

3. Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

Unsolicited reviews don’t lie. The latest Explorer has the most five-star reviews out of all of our inflatable paddle boards. Customers of all skill levels and genders are enjoying the perks of owning an Explorer. From first-timers to advanced paddlers, this inflatable SUP caters to a wide variety of lifestyles and needs, thanks to its versatility. 

“It's only been a month, but the love is real. Glides across the water much better than my last inflatable. The board feels stable even in the afternoon when the water can get a little choppier. So light and easy to carry around. Great board!” - Kari R.

“I've only had my Explorer for a couple of weeks, but I've taken it out for a paddle on Huntington Harbor every day. It hasn't mattered whether it's early in the morning and the water is like glass or later in the day when the wind comes up and I'm getting hit from both sides with boat wakes and chop the SUP performs great!” - Charles P.

“This is my second Explorer. Gave the first to my daughter. The best ever. Upgrades are great. Highly recommended.” - Jeffrey H. 

4. It’s An Excellent SUP For All Skill Levels

Believe it or not, the Explorer is great for all skill levels. Its 6 inches of thickness paired with the ideal length and width make it extremely stable for beginner-intermediate paddlers. Furthermore, its hybrid shape and pointed nose give this board the technical features needed for more advanced paddlers who want to go faster and participate in long-distance expeditions. 

ISLE Explorer

5. Adventure Ready

The Explorer is constructed with multiple layers of military-grade PVC, making this paddle board rigid enough to perform like a hard SUP and durable enough to drop or drag across the cement. On a long-distance adventure, the Explorer can withstand heavy abuse without being damaged. 

The new 2019 Explorer comes equipped with a six-point bungee system on the nose and a four-point bungee system on the tail, giving you enough storage room to safely secure everything you need for your voyage. In addition, this SUP has nose and tail grab handles to help you launch and exit the water with your paddle board loaded with gear or your pets.

This inflatable SUP also has several stainless steel D-rings attached near its rails meant for securing other accessories to your board, locking your SUP to avoid theft, or tying it up to a boat or dock. 

Wrapping Up: Why The Explorer Is A Best-Seller

The Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board is a customer favorite and best-seller because it looks stylish and paddles like a dream. Customers around the country are taking their Explorer on some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world thanks to the board’s convenient transportation and storage capabilities. Beginner or expert, the Explorer provides the perfect platform to get you on the water so you can experience the many benefits of a healthier mind, body, and soul.

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