Fall Gear Guide

Posted on September 22, 2022 by Reed Naliboff

The season of discovering more is here. Whether it’s discovering a new trail to hike, a new waterway to paddle on, or finding new ways to decompress after long work days, the possibilities that fall brings are endless.


As you gear up to explore new sights and experience fall adventures, we want to equip you for a season of discovering more, reminding you that no adventure is too small or big, and that the true essence of exploration is this: finding your balance. We hope this list of our fall favorites will set you up for a season of adventure, exploration, and good, good times.


ISLE Inflatable Paddle Board

First up on the list is our very own selection of inflatable paddle boards! Depending on where you live, the leaves may be changing color, temperatures may be dropping, and best of all, you may find yourself wanting to explore your surroundings in a new way. One of the best features of our iSUPs is how portable they are—meaning you can travel to your local lake, or a national park with warmer weather, and see nature’s full-fledged display of fall foliage up close on your SUP.


One of our top picks for an inflatable paddle board is the Pioneer 2.0, as it’s perfect for all skill levels, and even comes in a selection of fall colors! The Explorer 2.0 is another one of our top recommendations because of its high-performance construction, and unique touring shape which allows for faster paddling times.






Patagonia Down Sweater

Whether you’re gearing up for a day of hiking, an evening camping, or need some everyday outerwear for dropping temperatures, a Patagonia Down Sweater is a great way to keep warm. The Down Sweater collection is made with recyclable materials, making this a sustainable choice to keep comfortable, no matter where your fall adventures take you.


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Eno SingleNest Hammock

Fall is one of the best times to admire the colorful foliage that comes with the season, and what better way than to swing under the trees in a hammock? Post up on your campsite, in your backyard, or your local park with a SingleNest Hammock from ENO. This hammock has a soft, quick-drying material that can easily scale down to “the size of a grapefruit” for easy portability. So, as you give yourself ample room to relax (before or after your paddle board session), create your own personal nook in nature and do the things that truly bring balance to your life.


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Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit

Another way to help hone in balance in your life is alongside community. Spending time with friends and family is a great way to focus on the good in your life, and fall weather is the perfect setup for bringing your loved ones together around a nice, cozy fire. The good news? You don’t need a giant fire pit or fireplace—in fact, there’s a new tabletop fire pit we’re big fans of, and that’s Solo Stove’s Mesa. This tabletop fire pit is small and sleek, so you can easily bring it with you to dinner parties and get-togethers. It’s compatible with heating pellets as well, making it even more user-friendly for getting your fire started. To add even more spark to this gear guide, our favorite part about the Mesa is that it’s smokeless, making your time around the fire all the more pleasant and perfect for those crisp autumn nights.


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ISLE Hard Board

While inflatable paddle boards are great, our hard board collection caters to finding balance on the water in unique ways. These epoxy stand-up paddle boards are crafted with highest quality material, and are designed to suit the needs of all skill levels depending on the board. Looking to go SUP touring this season? The Voyager 2.0 has a pointed nose to easily cut through chop and wake, making your paddle nothing short of smooth. Or how about a board that will perform well in flatwater and in small to medium surf? The Glider 2.0 offers exceptional performance in a variety of water conditions so you can use your stand-up paddle board to its fullest potential. So whether you choose a soft-top hard board, or a SUP with a premium-wooden finish, these boards will help you to find the rest, relaxation, and dose of adventure you crave to pursue outdoors.






The North Face Basecamp Duffel

Expedition never looked so good as it does with a Basecamp Duffel from The North Face. Made to enhance every camping trip, cross-country road-trip, and round-trip flight, this bag is extremely durable, making it a noteworthy classic for every kind of travel. So, why not go explore the best of the outdoors, and take all your essentials with you? Alongside a water-resistant material, detachable shoulder straps for easy-carrying, and pockets for organization, this bag will enhance every outdoor adventure.


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Cotopaxi Taal Convertible Tote

Something we love about decompressing out on the water is the lightweight feeling we’re left with, both physically and spiritually. Something that helps with that feeling is having a bag where you can store your belongings while you paddle board, kayak, hike, or spend your day coffee-shop hopping, without the worry of losing anything. The Cotopaxi Taal Convertible Tote has convertible straps so you can use it as a messenger bag or backpack, and has a zipper pocket for important valuables, and a pouch to store your water bottle. But the main reason we love this bag is because it’s made from excess fabric, making each bag unique in design. And best of all? Each Cotopaxi product is made in the most “ethically sustainable way possible,” so you know your purchase supports causes that sow into the greater good of the world.


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Got Bag Hip Bag

Another one of our go-to recommendations for storing your essentials is the Got Bag Hip Bag! This travel-companion is the perfect bag to take along with you on your paddle boarding days because it’s made with a water-repellent material, has an adjustable carrying-strap for all-day comfort, and it’s made from “Ocean Impact Plastic”, making it an eco-friendly choice to bring along.


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Larq Bottle Filtered

Whether you’re finding new landscapes to explore, or trekking down to the subway on the way to your 9-5, you need to keep hydrated, which is why we’ve selected the Larq Bottle Filtered to be a part of our Fall Gear Guide. This bottle is your own “portable water filtration system”, which means the water that goes in can come from a water fountain or the lake you’re paddling on, but the water that comes out will be nothing short of clean, filtered water. Hydration on-the-go will be seamless, and best of all, you’ll evade the need for bringing any plastic bottles along, making this yet another eco-friendly piece of gear to tag along all-season-long.






Chubbies Everywear Pants

Now for the men who are seeking a bit more warmth than usual, but need something that can be worn just about everywhere, the Chubbies Everywear Collection offers just that. These pants offer true versatility for every fall activity, the perfect amount of stretch, and as a plus, have a water resistant coating for the errands that may require a hike or two along the way.


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Teva Shoes

Last but not least, something for every step along the way (all puns intended). As you take steps to become more adventurous, more experienced in your paddle board ventures, and more at rest as you find balance in your day-to-day routine, you’ll need a pair of shoes that work for every type of outdoor adventure. For that matter, we recommend TEVA shoes. Whether you’re looking for an everyday sandal, boots for hiking and cooler weather, or flip-flops for a more casual-wear, TEVA shoes are a great pick for lasting comfort, durability, and feature recyclable materials within their design. So gear up, get out there, and take a step toward discovering more this fall season.


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